What does MyVEE stands for?

YOU! MyVEE to all intents and purposes stands for YOU and YOUR happiness!!

  • M is your MIGHTY inner strength !
  • Y is your YOUTHFUL eternal existence!
  • V is the VALUE of a blissful life !
  • E is for EXTRA, those things you do as a lover & a wife !
  • E is for ENCOURAGING, each other, thanks for the motivation !

MyVEE is for YOU, and all YOUR sexual aspirations !

About MyVEE

There are several products available in the market to tighten the most delicate and desirable part of The female body. However, they are highly unsafe and unhygienic. Many women try Hymenoplasty surgery to bring back the fun in the bedroom, but 99% of those surgeries fail as per the medical data available all over.

If you are keen on spicing up things in your bedroom or want to surprise your husband with a second honeymoon – Grab MyVEE, & your partner will grab you (quite literally)!

If you are a woman who has been facing some issues down there, we are here for you! If you do not like how your vagina looks now, and are insecure to face your partner, MyVEE is your savior all the way. Set your and your partner's mood right on point by enjoying the lost intimacy the same way, that you once enjoyed !

MyVEE is a natural, healthy, herbal and 100% safe way for a happy and sexually healthy & blissful lifestyle! This is the product which is going to change your sex-life and intimacy quotient forever.

Have things changed for you after marriage? Does your husband not get his fair share of pleasure on the bed? Or are you worried about your current/future relationships?

Well, no more….Don't you worry!

Vaginal loosening is a natural and common thing that happens to every woman with age, especially once they become mothers. But you need to worry about it if you don't do something about it now; as with time and age, it only gets worse.

Since the time of kings and rulers, it has been researched and studied that a happy wife makes a happy life! And now is the time to make your husband happy, too. Give him the pleasure he deserves by choosing MyVEE The formula used by those Kings for their Queens.

Not only for the husband, but we believe that you deserve this happiness, too! So most of all, do it for yourself.

We have the perfect solution for you and all your vaginal problems. THIS is a natural, simple and safe solution!

Our product is 100% natural and herbal, and our ingredients prove that. It is the best in the market, and you will only realize it once you use it!

The ingredients we use are well-known from ages and have come from many years of extensive and thorough research for their vaginal tightening Benefits. Used by many women across the globe, this herbal solution promotes better and more enjoyable intimacy in the bedroom. Feel like a virgin again !! with this fast-acting, long-lasting, and highly effective solution. Say goodbye to those boring nights and welcome back your crazy sex-life!

Most users who take MyVEE notice a difference just after a week of taking the MyVEE supplement, or let's just call it your best MyVEE friend! A significant and a permanent difference is seen only in 90 days!


If you’re not happy, send it back for full refund.

MyVEE is a herbal dietary supplement softgel to be taken orally. Also, it is 100% safe!

Our MyVEE supplement is an ideal product for The Feminine Firming.

Each MyVEE Softgel contains a potent blend of herbal extracts with scientifically proven benefits for vaginal tightness and lubrication. It reduces dryness, balances estrogen, and gets you those better Rosy curves!

MyVEE is all you need to get back the thrill in your relationship, along with your partner's undivided attention and your peak orgasmic state!

MyVEE Benefits

  • Tightening, nourishing, and strengthening the vagina
  • Enhanced sexual stir
  • Menopause relief
  • Supports vaginal cleansing
  • Restores libido and lubrication
  • 100% natural, healthy, and safe to consume
  • Natural vaginal moisturiser
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Your best friend for Sexlife!

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If you’re not happy, send it back for full refund.

- FAQ’s -

  • What is Myvee?

    Myvee is an herbal supplement pill you take orally formulated to provide phyto-estrogen (plant-estrogen) to help minimize vaginal loosening that may come with age or after having kids.

  • Myvee is made from all natural ingredients and is not only safe, but it’s also healthy for the body.

  • Myvee is made in a FDA registered facility following the strictest Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. So you can be sure that it’s safe to use.

  • It is NOT recommended to take Myvee if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • As all women age or give birth, the body changes and begins to lose estrogen. Estrogen is responsible for maintaining vaginal muscle thickness, lubrication and libido.

    Myvee helps by providing phyto-estrogen which closely resemble the estrogen that already exists in your body to help strengthen vaginal muscles.

  • Myvee’s ingredients are healthy for all women of all ages.

  • Estrogen is known to be directly responsible for a woman’s libido and lubrication, by increasing that with healthy phyto-estrogen, it may help fight off vaginal dryness.

  • Yes, the ingredients of MYVEE are 100% safe for human consumption. They have no side effects.

  • A bottle of Myvee for a 1 month supply containing 60 capsules.